Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Faux Mashed Potatoes #keto friendly

When you say faux your mind might conjure up pictures of fake fur or a faux finish on the walls, you know where you spend hours making your walls look like denim  only to grow out of that phase in a few short months.
So faux mashed potatoes? yes...looks like lumpy mashed potatoes, taste even better but without the starch/sugar and carbs!What?! Yes! FABULOUS mashed potatoes without the guilt. Using what you ask...well fasten your seat belts, it's cauliflower! YES that unsung vegetable hero that no one seems to know what to do with because it really is tasteless. BUT like tofu it absorbs the flavors around it.
Faux Mashed Potatoes Keto Friendly
1 - 1 lb bag of frozen cauliflower
2 TBSP oil or butter, I used chicken drippings from baked wings (don't judge me!)
2 TBSP butter
salt and pepper to taste (I use sea salt so it is added at the end and fresh cracked pepper)
1/3 cup water
cook until done, about 8 minutes, then add a splash of cream along with
1/4 cup Parmesan Regigano grated cheese
Stir and allow to cook until the cauliflower breaks down and the liquid thickens.
Next pour into a bowl and add 
2 TBSP cream cheese vegetable spread
Stir well and "mash" the cauliflower as smooth or chunky as you like.
It really is that simple!

Now I did make 2 Marco Polo videos while making these. Sent to my Sissy and I thought about adding them to this recipe, BUT I could not figure out how to transfer the videos. I did manage to figure out downloading and saving the videos, just not how to get them into the blog. IF at a later time I figure it out, I MIGHT add them, but they SERIOUSLY need editing! LOL

Monday, July 24, 2017

Keto - low carb - high protein - new way of eating

Here's an update on where I am. I mentioned recently that I was going keto, well let me explain, I am not going 100% and my reason why is this...Keto WOE (way of eating) is when you put your body into ketosis. My middle son is type 1 diabetic and when you say ketosis I think ICU. He has been there far too many times due to being in DKA. AND with my family history, my father passed from renal failure, the last thing I want to do is to put myself into ketosis. So I am low carb, extremely low, good fat, high protein, no potatoes, corn, bread, starchy veggies and minimal fruit.

Previously what my weekly meals looked like:(see bread all the time or potatoes, rice and pasta) however I had started to cut back...
Now, what I am doing is DRASTICALLY cutting out carbs, ramping up my protein and adding good fats. In doing so, I am at the 3 week mark and have lost 8.2 lbs. I have also been walking a LOT more than before. I am sure this is helping as well. Along with eating more during the day. I am preparing foods and taking to work. Before I had fallen into the not eating all day, coming home late and eating everything in sight. NOT a healthy life style.

what my meals look like now...well food prep anyway

On Sundays I am prepping food so that each morning I can grab and go because let's be honest, at 0300 the last thing I care about is food or packing a lunch or breakfast for that matter. Now I reach in the fridge, grab my bag and walk out the door.
My carry-to-work foods are easy, non messy, high protein, low carb finger foods. Diced cheese, diced chicken, boiled peeled egg, kosher dill pickle, sunflower seeds, all portioned out and of course several bottles of water. This list I found at wifemomgeek.com 

Over the next...who knows how long, you'll find my recipes change. Low carb, high protein, keto friendly. I hope you find them helpful and enjoyable.

Here is a list if you're curious of what is a Yes No food...

this I found at lowcarbalpha.com
This last chart is SUPER helpful to me, I was getting major cravings prior to going low carb and my doctor had said I was LOW in magnesium, potassium and B  vitamins, well that explains some of the cravings! 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Orange You Glad Drink and FOTW July

A little back story, when I was growing up there were several things I hated. Coconut, shrimp, okra, squash and raw tomatoes. Fast forward oh let's say 30+ years, yeah I know more than that but humor me. I love all of the previously mentioned things. LOVE them I tell ya! Funny how our taste changes over the years.
So I said all that to say this, recently I was introduced to Malibu Coconut Rum, oh sweet mother of pearl! WHERE has this been all my life? Okay, there was the 25 years that I didn't drink a drop of ANYthing alcoholic, so I guess it came out during that time. It is my new favorite thing.
Previously I was a vodka or tequila person. No dark liquor and definitely not a beer person. ICK!
I've been experimenting with the rum and various "frozen" drinks. Just throwing things in my blender and seeing how it taste. Here's the newest:

Orange You Glad #SpatulasOnParade

Orange You Glad (yes, yes I am!)
3 scoops of orange sherbet
6 oz Mango Pineapple Orange blend from Dole
2-3 oz Malibu Coconut Rum
Blended and poured into a chilled glass. You can then sit it in the freezer for about 20 minutes to allow it to thicken up again IF you can wait. Sometimes I make two, one for the freezer and one for, well while I wait. LOL
I had to pick up a call at 0530 one morning. It was to a very expensive exclusive condominium area in the historic downtown region of our town.
Upon arrival these two guys walk out and you can tell they are toasted. One comes over to the drivers window and wants to know if I am there to take his friend home. I told him yes.
He says "WOW you're a woman!"
I laughed and said, yes when I got dressed this morning I was and I'm sure it hasn't changed.
Just before I leave he wants me to drive him back up the ramp because he's too drunk to walk up it. Can you hear my eyes roll? I told him no. So then he asks me for a favor.
He says "when you drop my friend off can you give him sex, he's really good"
I said "sir you have called the wrong company, that is a service that we do not   provide".
He says "well can't blame me for trying" (actually I can)
OMG are you kidding?!?!
On the way to drop him off, he says "what did my friend ask you?"
I told him and he was very apologetic and says "I'm too drunk anyway"
Good grief (hear my eyes rolling?).
I asked him for the address and he says "I can't remember but I know where it is".
We get close and he says "it's a dirt road up here on the left and runs deep into the woods by the river, I promise my house is down here and I won't hurt you"
I said "well 1 you're drunk, 2 I'll cut you, 3 I promise if you try anything you'll regret it forever"
He says "I promise I'll be good"
Lort habe mercy(in my best Madea voice) these early morning drunks. Thankfully these type of fares are few and far between.
So I'm in my local grocery and see a new display. Local beers, having dealt with the sloppy drunks the other morning I stop to look at them. I had to take photos to share with you. Would you drink these based on name only?
VooDoo Ranger
Hoptical Illusion
Mother Trucker
White Zombie

My friend Becky posted on FB...she's at the grocery with her grand-kids in line and she says "WHAT?"
she said, my hearing must be going because I swear she said "which bitch is skinnier" when what she really said was, look at the fidget spinners.
Athena, my grand pup. LOOK at those ears!! she looks like a bat! But she is the sweetest pit baby ever.
Beau, my big love bug. You can tell I've worked a LOT of hours lately. I come home and he literally wraps around me. Poor kitty.

My co-worker and I are super close. He is a great guy. 31 yo same as my oldest son and they actually went to high school together. His wife says I am his "work wife" which is funny because I was thinking he was my work kid but anywho. 
He comes in the other week telling me about his daughter. She just turned 5. A few funnies she has said lately.
"Daddy, pee eww, the dogs ass stinks"
"Daddy, did you see Shadow?! He's licking his butt!" YES honey, that's why I tell you NOT to let him lick your face. "OMG Daddy that's nasty!"
"No Daddy I can't pick up my toys, it's too exhausting".
Gotta love kids.

My middle son comes home from work furious. He says there's this little old woman that comes in the store all the time and always gives him a tract. (religious pamphlet) So he's stocking shelves and down in the floor on his knees filling the lower shelf. She walks in and goes straight to him. She says "Son while you're down there why don't ya do some praying".
NEVER judge a book by it's cover. Yes he is covered in tattoos, 27 to be exact, yes his ears are gauged to over 1 inch, yes he has 6 facial piercings BUT he has a heart of gold and will do anything for his friends. He is a very sweet, kind hearted, loving young man. Her attitude will not allow her to see this. Very sad.

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